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Here are collections of some of my favorite photos from over the years. Take a look around and see if my style fits with what you are looking for. I’d love to work with you.

Best Sellers

Enjoy viewing images that have been a favorite of so many!

Latest Images

These image are my most recent images. Enjoy!

Owls of the World

Enjoy static and flight shots of owls found across the world!

Waterfalls & Landscapes

Enjoy the waterfalls and landscapes of the east coast!


A curated gallery of northern cardinals from North Carolina!

Wading Birds

Beautiful birds of our waterways and wetlands!

The Hummingbird Project

A body of work centered around the ruby-throated hummingbirds of Forsyth County, North Carolina.

The Bluebird Project

A body of work centered around the nesting pairs of eastern bluebirds using the same nesting location.

Backyard Birds

Songbirds found across the east coast of the USA!

White-tailed Deer & Rocky Mountain Elk

Elk and white-tailed deer from across the east coast of the USA.

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey in flight and close-up!

Butterflies & Other Insects

Butterflies, bees etc.

Shorebirds & Waterfowl

Shorebirds and waterfowl from across the east coast of the United States.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Salamanders, frogs, alligators and snakes.

Bears, Wolves & Other Mammals

The intensity, strength and agility of the large predator are found within this gallery!

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