The Sea Plane

It is no surprise to me that your favorite image this week was the white pelican, coming in for a smooth landing.  I too, have always been fascinated by this large white sea bird.  Perhaps, it is their massive bill that snags fish from the water.  Maybe, it is their stark black and white coloration with orange bills and feet, that you find the most interesting.

There is one behavior, however, that I find most intriguing from the white pelican.  That is his ability to make a perfect landing on the still water of a lagoon.  I am sure that early aeronautical engineers watched this amazing creature turn to make his final approach.  The pelican's wings level out as he continues to drop in altitude.  Then, just for a moment, he flairs his wings up a bit and skims the water to make a perfect landing.  Then he just rests, bobbing along happily in the blue water of the lagoon.