The Results of the Decision

Last week I mentioned that I was having a difficult time deciding on what to photograph first.  Should I photograph the hummingbirds or the bluebirds.  I ended up choosing the hummingbirds an this week I will give you a peek into this years format for The Hummingbird Project.  For those who do not know, I have an ongoing project called "The Hummingbird Project."  Each year, I add to the collection in a new and hopefully interesting take on photographing these amazing birds.  

This year, I have decided to go with a low key look and probably shoot only photographs.  Last year was a big video year for hummingbirds.  If you haven't seen some samples of the video, go out to YouTube and check them out!  So, anyway, when I say low key I mean an elegant black background and some subtle work in the shadows.  In the past, I had shot them with high key and more nature backdrops, so why not black this year?

The image above was the first one out of post processing for your enjoyment.  It is single ruby-throated male with several bee balm flowers to fly among and hopefully gather some nectar.  I went with a larger and bolder flower to provide contrast against the black backdrop.

I hope you enjoyed this week's image and the story behind it!  Stay tuned for more...

Link to this Week's Image>>