Photo of the Week - The American Kestrel


Along a telephone wire in many of your neighborhoods sits the beautiful falcon called the American kestrel.  He watches over the area below and above, always looking for his next meal.  The kestrel, about the same size as a morning dove, is always on the lookout for unsuspecting songbirds, lizards and insects to make up his daily menu.  In fact, he is North America's smallest falcon.  As it is with many falcons, he is a swift flyer with a great eye sight. There is no doubt, the shy, diminutive kestrel is will always be at the top of my list of birds of prey. 

My brother actually put up a barred owl nest box, and had a kestrel family make a nest in it two years in a row.  In fact, if you want to increase the number of these birds and you live near meadows,  you might have luck putting up one also!  It is a great experience to have nesting birds in your yard.  

Here, we see a male kestrel actually calling out to other kestrels that may be in the immediate area.  Notice the amazing, stark coloration of the species.  

Thanks again for reading about the photo of the week.  A new one each week!