Photo of the Week - Puff Ball


As is the case with many people across the eastern United States, I have become obsessed with the eastern bluebird.  Next to the ruby-throated hummingbird, it is my favorite songbird.  Perhaps it is the stunning saturated blue and rust coloration of the male, or maybe it is the way the female and male defend the nest without thought of danger.  Maybe it is the way they tirelessly feed their young ones in the nest.  They are a model to us all on how to rear our children  A lesson from God if you will.

My love affair with the bluebird started in the winter of 2014 when I made my first photograph of a bluebird, who happened to perch outside my home's window.  To this day, that photograph is one of my most sold and popular pieces.  I have watched the bluebird make nest after nest in my nesting boxes and now as I write this, the female and male are building a new nest in one of my nest boxes.

This image s a new image of the male of the nesting pair several years ago.  The beautiful plum blossoms show us all that no matter what happens, no matter what controversy or virus may be attacking our population, the beauty and birth of spring will go on and so will the human race.