Photo of the Week - Peeking Eastern Bluebird

Although much of my work is of mammals, the vast majority of my images are of birds.  Of my bird photography, I would say most of it is of songbirds.  In that collection are songbirds in flight, perched on various perches and under most weather conditions, but what I really love to do is capture them in flight.  After all, doesn't capturing a bird in flight really capture the essence of who and what they are?  Flying is their most unique and amazing attribute.

It was a beautiful sunny morning in early June when I photographed this female eastern bluebird as she egressed from her nest.  This pair of bluebirds nesting in spring 2020 would leave their nest at various angles, making it very difficult to capture a good image.  In this image, I was able to capture her looking over her shoulder in my direction as I fired off shot after shot.  Note that the depth of field (what is in focus) is just her eye and a bit of her head.  That split second is so difficult to capture with a bird flying at such high speed. Yet, there it is!  The female will tirelessly ingress and egress from her nest all day carrying morsels of food for her young.  I look forward to what 2021 will hold for me in photographing the amazing bluebird.