Photo of the Week - Not So Common Grackle


The common grackle, often called a blackbird (family name),  is a bird which needs almost no introduction.  They are for the most part, just big bullies who rule our yards during the summer months.  So why not make the most of a situation you really can't control very well.

In this image, I have attempted to capture the grackle in a unique way, but still convey that he is a "not so friendly" kind of bird.  The dark background enforces his dark look and attitude.  The sunlight striking parts of his head and body convey the feeling that he is hidden and ready to pounce.  When it comes to photography or any art for that matter, it is all about the lighting and mood.  Without it, you might have a compelling image, but it becomes much more difficult to tell a story.  These are the types of shots I seek to find each year.  

So, after all that, are grackles mean and nasty birds?  Well, I don't know if they are intentionally mean and nasty, but they do server a purpose in our eco-system.  Without them, we would be overrun with insects and other nasty critters in the summer months.  They are pest like in that they do come in huge numbers, and steal all our bird seed and kill other birds on occasion, but that is part of their design.