Photo of the Week - Northern Cardinal in Snow

The northern cardinal is no stranger to the winter months.  They are a hardy bird and seem undeterred by low temperatures and snow.  However, I will often feed them quite heavily during the winter months as this is a tough season on any bird.  On this day in February of 2020, I captured this image of a female northern cardinal as she perched on this stump.  The snow has a slight blur to it showing it was coming down quite hard for a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second.  

I find the female cardinal to have her own set of features that make her beautiful.  The muted tones can have a rose colored or orange look to them, while her tail and primary wing feathers can often be quite red.  The male and female cardinal certainly do compliment one another and each has its own beauty.

Look for the northern cardinal almost anywhere that thickets and forest lines exist.  Although they visit feeders quite often, they are primarily ground feeding birds.  

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