Photo of the Week - Mabry Mill

Early in my photography career I photographed mainly scenics and architecture, but within that genre, I had a special place in my hear for early American architecture.  Log cabins, mills, covered bridges and old churches were all subjects that I found intriguing.  However, there is one subject that captures not only my heart, but the hear of millions of visitors to the Appalachian mountains.  It is a grist mill simply called Mabry Mill, and is located in the mountains of Virginia.

I have photographed it in many different angles and times of the year, but my favorite way to view this is in black and white infrared.  The greens of the leaves pop almost pure white and the water turns almost black.  It is both surreal in that it gives us a representation of the unseen red specturm and believable due to its popularity as such an iconic landmark.  

Check out the full sized image to get a better feel for this amazing place.