Photo of the Week - Growing up is Hard

Above is the bull in the autumn of 2016.  What a healthy young bull he was.

Back in 2016 I photographed a handsome, young, and healthy bull.  I remember thinking at the time that it was one of the most healthy looking bulls I had seen in the herds in Cataloochee Valley.  Years later, I believe I found him, and he is quite the alpha bull.  Not only did he have the biggest harem, but he was clearly the more healthy of the two bigger bulls I had seen that day.  Of course I cannot be sure that it is him, but looking at the physical features of the head, I am fairly confident it is him.  One thing about photographing a particular area for a long time is you get to see the bulls grow up and become the king of all the bulls. 

I remember watching the shy bull suddenly appear to my left from a row of trees and look out over the vast field ahead of him.  I whispered to myself, "someday little guy this will all be yours."   Little did I know that one day it would be.


That young bull grew to be this massive animal in only a few years!