Photo of the Week - Carolina Chickadee and Buds

I wrote about the Carolina Chickadee in a post entitled  in a post entitled "Autumn Chickadee".  That fact does not surprise me at in because they are such a loveable and gregarious bird.  They seem to live life to the fullest.  

This image, taken on March 2nd of 2019 gives us insight into the speed and agility of this bird.  Note how he has just grabbed the back of the limb while his is positioned vertically.  They commonly will take this perch as well as even perching upside down when needed.  In this case, only moments later he will take flight to his next perch.  He is constantly moving and hiding among the trees as he searches for insects and spiders.  They alone make up 80% of his summertime diet.  However, I know that most of you who have feeders regularly see them eat seed and they do indeed love seed and suet.

From a photography perspective, I love that it shows a bit of his unusual perching styles, but I also love the framing in between the budding fruit tree.  His grey and black feathers seem to compliment the white flower buds perfectly.  The Carolina chickadee, although small, remains one of my favorites! 

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