Photo of the Week - Autumn Chickadee


It was a cool, late afternoon in early November.  The partially obscured sun hung low in the sky providing the perfect lighting against the orange and yellow leaves.  It is odd that I can still remember the details of this shoot, but it is still quite vivid to me.  This Carolina chickadee landed perfectly on the branch, making a beautiful subject against the colorful backdrop.  The perch, running at a diagonal, made for a good visual line running throughout the frame.  It really was mixed lighting in this case, and is fairly rare and unexpected.  However, the predominate light was bright overcast conditions, and this provided nice, soft tones.

The Carolina chickadee, a smaller relative in the chickadee family, is a very gregarious bird.  He is so full of life and bounce, that watching him flit from tree to tree, chirping happily as he moves, is a true joy.  Thank you little chickadee for giving me a great day!  I hope he does the same for you.