Photo of the Week - Autumn Blue Jay

At only about seven years old, I exited our family car, now parked in my grandmother's driveway.  My mother, who had been driving us back from the store, also began to gather her belongs and exit the vehicle.  Immediately, I began hearing what can only be characterized as a very unpleasant and continuous squawking.  I looked toward the sound coming, which apparently was coming from the large spruce tree growing in my grandparent's back yard.  

"What is making that noise", I called over to my mom.  "That's a blue jay", she replied.  I had seen pictures of the amazing blue jay in my mother's bird book (so we called it).  My mother is and always has been a bird lover and watcher and was, even at a young age, a member of the junior Audubon Society.  So, I knew that she knew what she was talking about.  I then replied back, "what a terrible noise"!  Indeed, it was a terrible sound to becoming from such a beautiful bird.  That is the rub, so they say.  The large, beautiful blue jay has in its repertoire of calls, one of the most piercing of them all.

I do love the blue jay and always will.  They are highly intelligent birds, belonging to the corvid family of birds.  The same family as the crow and raven.  So intelligent are they, they can be seen actually playing practical jokes on one another.  They are indeed an amazing bird and despite their ear-piercing call, they remain at the top of my list of favorites.

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