It's that Time Again

The Hummingbird Project or the Bluebird Project

In your leisure or professional activities, have you ever had that moment where you are not sure what to do next?  Not because you didn't have enough opportunities, but because you had too many.  For the most part it is somewhat rare for me, but that is the situation I find myself in right now. After coming off a week long photography shoot in Florida, I found myself behind in two projects.  The problem is that I can't do both projects at one time.

Hummingbird activity is at an all time high right now, but the second brood is also underway for my nesting pair of eastern bluebirds.  In some ways it is a great problem to have, but it also causes  multi-tasking frustration!  As I am writing this, I am drawing some logical conclusion that I think will work.

I think the way to solve this is to start by photographing the bluebirds, because they will have a short time until their eggs hatch and the "youngins" emerge.  That will also give me time to think through this season's hummingbird setups and hopefully come up with something to top previous years.  Much more time and effort will be expended on the continuation of The Hummingbird Project this June.  It will take multi-flash setups with background/foreground changes.  And of course it will take cooperative subjects. Some years the hummingbirds are more cooperative than others.

You didn't know this, but you just helped make my decision for me!  Sometimes I just have to write it out and think it through.  I'll start by focusing on the bluebirds (pun intended).  On darker, storm filled days, I will focus on the hummingbird photography.

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