Goals for 2021

Every year I try to determine my goals for the new year as it pertains to Matt Cuda Nature Photography.  I prefer not to call them resolutions as that term is fraught with peril :)  Here are my goals...

The Return to Florida

Every year I make a trip to Florida to photograph the amazing birds in that state, but 2020 kept me from travel to the great state.  This year I am going to make it there if it kills me and who knows, it might just do that.  In particular, this year I will take a week to photograph the mating wading birds.  During this time, the birds have amazing plumage!


Move Podcast to YouTube and Enhance Them

I have over 70 podcast episodes that are designed for photographers getting into wildlife photography.  I started moving them to YouTube as a permanent archive.  During this process, I have also been including photos and other graphics as a way to enhance the experience.

Continue the Blue Bird Project

This will involve more flight shots and more artistic shots and maybe even a live nest cam!  This species continues to fascinate me.

Continue the Hummingbird Project

My main goal this year is to take the flowers to another level.  Perhaps using a mass amount of flowers if that is possible.

Return to PhotoWild

PhotoWild, is an event held by Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, NC where photographers have the opportunity to photograph wounded raptors.  After a year of not being able to attend, I am ready to get back into the swing of things.  Unfortunately, they are not doing entire weekends this year :(

Be at Peace

I cannot emphasize this enough.  To be at peace within my life, others and God is probably the biggest goal of the year.  To put behind me all the craziness, not focus on me and focus on others instead.  It is so easy to get bogged down in the political climate in a free country.


I hope you have a wonderful 2021.  So thanks for reading this; now get out there and enjoy nature!